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CRD Devices are the sole UK distributor for the Mecvel range of Industrial Linear Actuators.

Mecvel have been producing Linear Actuators and Screw Jacks in Italy since 1987 and with their partner CRD Devices we are supplying high quality , cost effective linear actuators in the UK and Eire.

The Mecvel range of actuators have been developed for heavy duty, intensive use and are therefore ideal for industrial applications and high critical areas such as Medical and Defence.

Our Mecvel linear actuators are available in DC and AC voltages , with DC actuators up to forces of 15kN and AC actuators up to 100kN 

CRD Devices can supply samples and standard product quickly for both Linear actuators and screw jacks as we stock standard components here in the UK.

Please take a look at our range , if you need further information or would like to discuss a particular application please give us a call on 01388 778400 or alternatively drop us an email at sales@mecvel.co.uk

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